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8th April Workshop 8 April 2024 Helping Struggling Readers
Workshop Notes
Helping Struggling Readers 
Supporting Struggling Readers

Literacy Strategies for Struggling Readers
Presentation Notes
Phonics and Decodable Passages
Reading Strategies

Reading Seminar Notes 2023
Helping Children with Reading 3
From the Canberra Times about Literacy
School Volunteers Reading Workshop June 2023




Maths Workshop Resources

Making Maths Fun
Making Maths Fun 2
Equivalent Fractions
Maths Dice for Juniors
Piggy Graph Juniors




Maths Activities for Kids
Show young learners that Maths can be a lot of fun!  This site has simple matching games, classic memory cards as well as ice cream themed bar graphs and playing cards place value games. These activities will both entertain and educate students.  Click Here You need to register.

Breaking the Ice with Playing Cards
Click here for some great ideas to support your mentoring with children.

Helping Children With Reading 
This information was prepared assist mentors to Help children with their reading. Click here for the information sheet.

Before children learn to read print, they need to become more aware of how the sounds in words work. They must understand that words are made up of speech sounds, or phonemes
(the smallest parts of sound in a spoken word that make a difference in a word’s meaning).. This skill is called phonemic awareness.

These two handouts provide more information.
Phonemic Awareness
Phonemic Awareness 2

Nouns for Sounds
Miriam Brunning, one of our mentors created these pages to help volunteers trying to teach children how two letters often work together to create a sound that is new.
Nouns for Sounds (docx)
Nouns For Sounds (Pdf).

Engaging Early Readers
This is a sheet full of ideas for you to consider in your mentoring.
Engaging with Early Readers (docx) 
Engaging with Early Readers (Pdf)

.Resources Around Bullying
Fact Sheet-Dealing with Bullying
Bullying – What’s Available on Line

Fidget Spinners as Classroom Aids

What are fidget toys and how do they help kids learn and manage anxiety?  For some valuable ideas. Click Here





Raising Children
Podcasts for Raising Children

Wellbeing Activities

Supporting young People Experiencing Depression
Supporting Young People Experiencing  Anxiety