It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

The School Volunteer Program of the ACT (SVPACT) recognises that some students in the ACT Education System would benefit from having an adult mentor to assist them.

SVPACT recruits volunteer mentors who are committed to helping students who are struggling. With support these students can improve their skills and gain confidence.


Volunteers bring to the student and school their dedication, inspiration and time and, under guidance of teachers, support the students learning in the classroom.


Volunteers provide one-to-one time with students in activities such as literacy (reading, writing, grammar, etc), numeracy (maths and games), building with Meccano, woodcraft or Lego, craft and cooking.


Through the hourly visits each week, volunteers seek to assist students gain maximum value from the education process and to gain self confidence and improved skills.

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No Return to School in Term 3 2020
The SVPACT Inc Management Committee has decided to stay safe and members should not attend schools in their mentoring capacity until Term 4, at the earliest. This is after due consideration of the advice from the Chief Medical Officer, Principal representatives on the committee and a number of school coordinators. There may be some schools willing to have volunteers however the Committee all believe that not returning to schools this term is in the best interest of our volunteers and their families.
Major General The Hon. Michael Jeffery AC AO(Mil) CVO MC(Rtd)

Our volunteers give students one-to-one experience with a mature role model. They not only give their dedication, inspiration and hard work, but they also give that most valuable resource, time.