Getting Started

Before you decide to become a volunteer with SVPACT you need to read the following:-

Steps to become  a Mentor

  1. Obtain a Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) card. These cards are free for volunteers. Click Here
    The ACT Government has changed its procedures for new registration and the renewal of WWWVP Cards. It can be done on line by creating and online account or by collecting the relevant form from Access Canberra Shop fronts.
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  2. Complete the our Application Form and send it to the Secretary
    via email or post to SVPACT Inc. PO Box 3699 Weston Creek ACT 2611.
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  3. A Committee Member will contact your referees and you to arrange a meeting with you to discuss your responsibilities as an SVPACT mentor and inform you of the basics of the program. You will be invited to attend the next Mentor Orientation Seminar where you will learn about our Code of Conduct Form in Word or PDF.
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  4. The SVPACT Committee Member will forward summary details of your expertise and experience to your preferred school and arrange an appointment to meet the Principal and/or SVPACT School Coordinator. At this meeting, the days and times when you will be mentoring will be identified, together with your start date. At this meeting you will be provided with an SVPACT name badge.

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  5. Initially, mentors spend one hour each week with the student for a period of 2 terms. This may increase, once you have become accustomed to the school environment and the student begins benefiting from the mentoring process.
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  6. Usually the mentor works one to one with a student, however in some situations, you may be involved in small group mentoring.