About Us

SVPACT is based on a successful Western Australian program and was first introduced to the ACT by the Rotary Club of Weston Creek in 1997. A similar program was being trialled at Charnwood Primary School and by merging the two programs a new program called STYLE was created.

From the Style program the School Volunteer Program ACT evolved and it was formally launched in 2005 by the former Governor-General, Major General Michael Jeffery at North Ainslie Primary School. At that time there were 12 mentors operating across 8 schools. General Jeffery remained our patron till his death in 2020, aged 83.

In 2019 at our height there 160 mentors operating across 40 public schools, currently we have approximately 135 mentors across all sectors.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been created to formalise the partnership between SVPACT Inc and the ACT Education Directorate.

All members of SVPACT Inc contribute their time on a voluntary basis. Financial and in kind support is provided by ACT Education Directorate, Rotary Clubs of Canberra, Weston Creek and Belconnen, Canberra Raiders Club and Ainslie Football Club.


In May 2015, SVPACT was named ACT 2015 Volunteer Team of the Year in the category “Education, Science and Technology”.

The Committee 2023

The committee consists of current and former principals, teachers and volunteers with many years experience in community service.  The Committee organises regular training and networking opportunities for the SVPACT volunteers.

The current Committee comprises:


  • President: Nola Shoring
  • Vice-President: Bob Greeney
  • Secretary: Melissa Sykes
  • Treasurer: Mark Robinson

Committee members:

  • Wendy Cave
  • Yolanthe Daly
  • Christine Dean
  • Simone Hobday
  • Monica Pflaum