Volunteers in Schools

Volunteers provide enrichment opportunities that enhance the education experience for students, while supporting teachers and staff.  Your volunteer supports what the student is learning in the classroom with the aim of assisting the student to maximise the value from the education process

thb1Student Selection

As a classroom teacher, Learning Assistance teacher or ESL teacher you select students for participation in the program through a referral process.  Some students selected for the program may have a learning disability, poor self-esteem, lack of a mature role model, a temporary family setback, or poor school attendance.  To participate in the scheme a parent/carer and student must agree; the student is expected to welcome the involvement of the volunteer.

Why volunteers?

Volunteers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from both their professional and family lives and provide the opportunity for intergenerational learning. They have an appreciation for, and make a commitment to, mentoring children and young people. The SVPACT links students with the wider community and provides them with mature role models, demonstrating what it is to be a caring member of society.

All volunteer mentors complete a comprehensive workshop training session conducted by SVPACT Committee members in partnership with the ACT Education and Training Directorate. Once assigned to a school, volunteers are expected to liaise closely with the SVPACT facilitator and/or class teacher. Volunteers operate under the direction of school staff at all times.  All activities take place at the school and during school hours.

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