Thinking about volunteering?

As a volunteer mentor you
  • Give students that one to one experience that teachers cannot always provide;
  • Will support what the student is learning in the classroom;
  • May give individual mentoring or assist in the school in a variety of ways from assisting in reading through to Meccano building; and
  • May work on school tasks with your student.
As a mentor you will need:Minister Barr with students and SVPACT volunteer
  • Patience;
  • Empathy; and
  • Life experience; and
  • Display qualities of social justice, integrity and appropriate behaviour towards students, teachers and other staff.
As a volunteer you will:
  • Visit the school during school hours on a weekly basis, preferably for at least one school term (10 weeks);
  • Work under the guidance of a teacher; and
  • Work at the school – there is no activity outside of the school premises or school hours.

Some students may have a learning disability, poor self-esteem, lack of a mature role model, a temporary family setback, or poor school attendance and, to participate in the program, both the student and parent/carer must agree.

What are the requirements to be a volunteer?

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Apart from meeting the above criteria, you will need to be registered with the ACT Office of Regulatory Services (ORS) as a volunteer under the Working With Vulnerable People legislation. The relevant application form is provided in the Volunteer Pack. Further information about the Working With Vulnerable People legislation can be obtained from the AccessCanberra website. You will also declare that you will comply with the ACT Education and Training Directorate’s Code of Conduct. If you:

  • Are genuinely interested in helping children and young people;
  • Flexible and able to cooperate with students, teachers and staff, and willing to learn from them; and
  • Able to commit to a volunteering activity for one hour a week.

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