COVID-19 Update

Yesterday the ACT Education Directorate ramped up its strategy to take precautionary steps to protect all Canberrans from the impact of COVID-19 .

In following the advice of the Directorate,  all activities at ACT public schools have been cancelled until the end of Term 1. That means sports activities,  camps, assemblies, excursions, incursions including volunteers from the School Volunteer Program.

I hope that this social distancing will help support our city and it’s people. Many of the SVPACT volunteers are over 60 and it is important that we act responsibly to protect them and the school children.

I hope it’s not long until we can regain our former lives in Canberra.

The school holidays commence on 9 April and schools will resume for students on Monday 27 April.

We will keep you informed of changes as they occur.

Thank you for all your efforts in ACT schools.

Best wishes
Nola Shoring
School Volunteer Program of the ACT


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