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As you know we have been monitoring the situation regarding COVID 19 closely and trying to work out what is best for you, in terms of keeping you safe. Your safety is our top priority.

The SVPACT Inc Management Committee has decided to stay safe and members should not attend schools in their mentoring capacity until Term 4, at the earliest. This is after due consideration of the advice from the Chief Medical Officer, Principal representatives on the committee and a number of school coordinators. There may be some schools willing to have volunteers however the Committee all believe that not returning to schools this term is in the best interest of our volunteers and their families.

Schools have been advised by the Education Directorate that:  The Chief Health Officer Advice is to limit the number of adults on school sites and schools are required to limit volunteering at this time.  Where schools do allow limited numbers of volunteers, physical distancing requirements for adults and hygiene requirements must be adhered to.

We will continue to monitor the situation and follow the guidelines provided by ACT Health and the Education Directorate.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support for ACT School students.

If you have any concerns our questions or would like to discuss this, please contact me on 0434 537 555.

Keep warm, keep safe.

Nola Shoring
President SVPACT